Vale Park Primary School

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Information for Parents


For safety reasons, students are not allowed to ride their bicycles/scooters in the schoolyard or across the pedestrian crossings on Ascot Avenue and Tonkin Street. Students must at all times observe road rules and wear an approved safety helmet.

Bike racks are provided for students to store their bikes and are located on the oval by the sheds.

Car parking

Restricted car parking is available for parents in the sign posted areas near school gateways. These areas are designed to allow parents to ‘kiss and drop' their child and to observe them walk safely into the schoolyard.

The Walkerville Council parking inspector and the police regularly monitor these zones. In the interests of child safety, parents are not to use the staff car park to pick up or drop off children.

Unrestricted car parking is available in nearby streets for those parents who wish to accompany their child into the school.

Staff car park is not available to parents.

Enrolling your child

Where a child turns five before May 1st, they will start school on the first day of Term one of that year. Where a child turns five on, or after May 1st they will start school on the first day of Term one the following year.

Children who are transferring from another school may start as arranged by the Principal, in accordance with available vacancies. Please note that classes are filled to capacity from the beginning of the school year and so vacancies may not be available.

For parents wishing to know more about the school and its programs a Principal Tours are held throughout each year. To make a booking please ring the School on 8261 3733 during school hours (8am-4pm). If unable to attend one of these sessions an appointment can made to meet with the Deputy Principal at an alternative time.

To assist with forward planning parents are encouraged to enrol their child soon after their fourth birthday.


Parents need to advise the school upon enrolment or immediately upon the receipt of medical advice if their child has any serious medical conditions and/or allergies.

Parents will be asked to have a Health Care Plan completed by their doctor if allergies require an urgent response. Copies of these forms are kept in the Treatment Room, and a copy is provided to the class teacher and in Temporary Relief Teachers folders. Any medication required must be personally delivered to the Front Office by the parent and be clearly labelled with the child's name, date of delivery and directions for administration.

Where allergies are extreme special arrangements will be made to ensure the safety of your child.

School Fees

School fees are commonly known as the ‘Materials and Services Charge'. Fees are set each year by the Governing Council in strict accordance with legislative requirements.

The Materials and Services charge contributes to the purchase of classroom consumables and supplies, stationary, books and equipment (including computers). A voluntary tax deductible Building Fund donation set by Governing Council is also appreciated and contributes to projects that improve the learning environment for students. Students starting during the year pay a set proportion of the Materials and Services fee, while the voluntary amounts remain the same.

Parents are invoiced for the fees early each term with payment required by set dates. Payment by instalment can be arranged with the Finance Officer.

In accordance with Department for Education regulations Vale Park Primary School has a policy of pursuing outstanding school fees through a debt collection agency.

Hot and Wet Weather Policy

Students enjoy classrooms heated and cooled to 23 degrees Centigrade all year round. As a result teaching and learning programs are not adversely impacted upon by weather conditions. The new gymnasium, which is also heated and cooled, allows physical education programs to continue.

When the weather is very hot, windy or raining, students remain inside under teacher supervision at recess and lunch times. Three blasts of the siren indicate that students are to remain in classrooms or return to classrooms at these times. Each classroom has a range of age-appropriate activities and games that students can play.

School Uniform Policy

All students are expected to wear our school uniform. In recognition of their final year at school and leadership responsibilities within our student group, Year 7 students have their own special windcheater, polo shirt and hat.

The uniform may be purchased from the Uniform Shop on Mondays 8:45am - 9:15am.

Please click here to view the Uniform Shop Order Form (March 2019)

It is important to note that approved school hats must be worn for outside play all year round.  Wide brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hats are recommended and can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Baseball hats are not permitted.

Students not wearing an approved hat must sit and/or play in designated shade areas at recess and lunch times and during outside class activities.

Infectious and Communicable Diseases

Information provided below is from the Department for Education Infectious Diseases guidelines and outlines the minimum recommended times a child should stay away from school if they come into contact with or contract one of the diseases listed.

If there were to be an outbreak of any of these diseases you will be advised by newsletter.

Chicken Pox:

Excluded until all blisters have dried.

Infective Hepatitis:

Excluded until an appropriate medical certificate signifying recovery is provided


Seven days from the appearance of the rash


Ten days from the onset of symptoms

Rubella:                      (German Measles)

Five days from the appearance of the rash

Scarlet Fever:

Excluded until an appropriate medical certificate signifying recovery is provided

Whooping Cough:

Four weeks (unless a medical certificate signifying recovery is provided)

Impetigo (School Sores):

Excluded until effective medical treatment has been carried out

Head Lice:

Excluded until effective medical treatment has been carried out


Excluded until effective medical treatment has been carried out


Excluded until discharge from the eyes has ceased

School Sports

Students at Vale Park Primary School have a wide range of opportunities to participate in sporting activities.

Out of School Hours sports are organised through the Sports Committee and include ball-handling skills for Junior Primary students, netball, cricket, soccer and basketball. These sports are reliant on parent volunteers to coach, manage teams and organise all of the day to day operations of the teams.

The Sports Discipline Policy and Codes of Conduct clearly outline expectations and support the successful student participation, as well as coaches and parents.

Year 5, 6 and 7 students are provided with opportunities to participate in a range of SAPSASA competitions including athletics, netball, swimming, cricket, soccer and basketball.

Our gymnasium allows students to participate in a range of activities in addition to present curriculum offerings such as indoor soccer and indoor cricket.

Please refer to the Reporting and Policies tab for further documentation.